Face Mask Fundraiser

Life is challenging as we do our best to adapt since the outbreak of COVID-19. As new information becomes available, we do our best to apply best practices. One of the latest things our health leaders advise is the use of a face mask. While face masks do not protect us from getting the virus directly, it helps reduce the amount of times we touch our face while in public. It helps signal to others the seriousness of this disease and brings us together as we do our part to prevent its spread.

We would like to offer free face masks to anyone who donates to one of our candidates. Our candidate Emily Bergeson for SD 7 will be making these masks by hand and to-order.

How does it work?

Make a donation to one of our candidates and then send an e-mail with your order to contact@bravingpoliticstogether.com. Please include:

  • Candidate who received your donation
  • Fabric selection
  • Size
  • Quantity

We will contact you to confirm your order and delivery preferences. We are also happy to send masks to other friends and relatives. We will work with you on those details.

Questions? Contact us at contact@bravingpoliticstogether.com

Sizes: men, women, teen, youth (7-12), child (3-6)

All masks are made according to the design pictured above. These masks are made with a white quilters cotton lining (the part that touches the face) and has elastic around the ears. These masks do not have wire around the nose. For custom requests or questions, feel free to contact us!

Fabric choices (please check regularly as choices are based on supply):

Cherry checkered
(loose weave poly-cotton)
(stiff cotton blend)
Garden flowers
Silly Monsters
(quilters cotton)
Flowers on green background
(quilters cotton)
(quilters cotton)
(quilters cotton)
Noah’s ark repair
(quilter’s cotton)
Light green crosshatch
Red with white polka dots
(quilters cotton)
Red and navy plaid
Silly dogs
Light blue
(quilters cotton)
navy blue
(quilters cotton)

Also available in plain white.

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