New Video — What if…?

Politics… It’s confusing, messy, broken. And besides we’re busy, overwhelmed,  powerless.

And besides…

We’re busy, overwhelmed, powerless.

What if…

We reached inside and tried… tried to be brave, tried to figure things out, tried to see it from the other side, tried to connect with others. 

Then maybe….

We could…

build something new, see the power of unity, help repair what is broken, heal what has been hurt, inspire others.

What if…. we were brave?

Braving Politics Together

One thought on “New Video — What if…?

  1. It’s a different way to look at politics ! Politics is not just for the career politicians who know the ins and outs of the ‘system’. Politics can be understood if we talk with each other and ask questions and understand it from a ordinary person’s perspective.

    I like that !
    I want to understand politics better.

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