2 thoughts on “Brave Chat – Learning from Utah’s COVID Reponse

  1. Your question is “What can we learn from Utah’s COVID -19 response ?”

    In my view, I’m sure there are more people who understand Germ Theory and the need for general sanitation now.

    For my personal behavior, I’ve learned to avoid people.

    I’m sure there are good people in government who are doing their jobs as best they know how but I’m wondering if the response our state (other states and the country-at-large) to COVID 19 is merely to avoid criticism.

    What’s the difference if many people in Utah or in the country get a cold, get diabetes, have asthma, have complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, have an allergic reaction to bees, etc. ?? Is the economy going to stop ? Are people going to be laid off from work ? Why is the state suddenly responsible for our individual health and feel like they HAVE TO stop the spread of this one germ and control our environment so tenaciously ??

    What happened to survival of the fittest ?

    What happened to herd immunity ?

    What happened to living in a world where people will get sick and die ?

    I’m curious what Brave Chat will talk about on Thursday (July 2) evening, to answer the question “What can we learn from Utah’s COVID-19 response ?”


    1. Great comments and questions! These are excellent points and worth incorporating into our discussion. We look forward to having you join us!


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