Brave Chat August 27th

Join candidates of the United Utah Party and learn about important government reform that can help transform the way we do government. Topics include ranked choice voting, independent restricting, term limits, and campaign finance reform. What additional topics would you be interested in learning more about? Access the Brave Chat via Zoom at:

Episode 4 – Utah Primary Elections

We have been trained to think that the only way to win in Utah is to be Republican because of the closed primary. A very large number of people stay registered Republican but do not personally align with the party. This year it’s been particularly bad with lots of people saying that you should change your party affiliation temporarily so that you can vote in the “real” but closed election.

Um… Anyone else see a problem here?

New Video — What if…?

Politics… It’s confusing, messy, broken. And besides we’re busy, overwhelmed,  powerless. And besides… We’re busy, overwhelmed, powerless. What if… We reached inside and tried… tried to be brave, tried to figure things out, tried to see it from the other side, tried to connect with others.  Then maybe…. We could… build something new, see theContinue reading “New Video — What if…?”