Episode 1 – Braving Politics Together

Politics is becoming even more complex and we are seeing some amazing as well as disturbing things take place.

I believe we each hold a piece of the puzzle, a way through to help us understand it all better. No matter how little you think you understand politics, no matter how much you try to avoid it, you have something meaningful to contribute.

COVID-19: What’s Next in Utah

We’re all getting more and more anxious about what the future holds and the measures taken by the state to stop the spread of COVID-19. There’s a lot to keep track of with updated information coming in all the time.  For example, the governor of Utah recently announced in a press release that starting MayContinue reading “COVID-19: What’s Next in Utah”

Legislative Special Session – Special Needs Scholarship

As we follow the Legislative special session to address the emergency created by the COVID-19 pandemic, an odd bill stands out in the line-up. HB 332 is a bill, which passed during the regular legislative session but was vetoed by the governor earlier this year, is making another pass with the hope of getting enoughContinue reading “Legislative Special Session – Special Needs Scholarship”

Utah Legislature: Special Session

Last updated 4/15/2020 The Legislature has posted a number of things they hope to cover during the special session (which starts April 16th). The biggest items will be figuring out the budget, making sure people and businesses are going to be okay, and what to do about state education now that everything has moved online.Continue reading “Utah Legislature: Special Session”