Learn Your Worth in Politics

Look, I know that the political environment doesn’t roll out the red carpet or give you the spa treatment. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s intimidating.

Our nation is facing some pretty big problems. We’ve also created some pretty big problems. These problems will continue to affect us and our children for generations unless we are willing to get outside of our comfort zone and make a difference.

You are important. You are VITAL to the survival of our nation. Whether you offer a fresh perspective or years of experience, we need you. We are here to Brave Politics Together so that we can overcome self-doubt, recognize our strengths, and develop our talents. We can be brave and strong together.

Full disclosure, I am not a licensed therapist. I’m not here to tell you what you should do or what is best for you. But here are a few things you should know:

You are Politically Beautiful

Whatever your story, there are things about you that make you unique and beautiful. I know it’s tempting to look in the political mirror and doubt it. I’m sure it’s equally tempting to cover up some of that beauty with the fads and trends of what’s going on in politics. With my experience in politics so far, I can confidently say that the real you is amazing. 

Of course it’s going to take more than a few times of positive reinforcement to make a believer out of you. But, I hope you have enough faith in yourself that you’ll take a chance. Because without you, our nation cannot heal. 

Pace Yourself

Assuming you’re convinced to give politics a try (or another try if you’re been burned before), there is no need to jump off the cliff and hope for the best. Regardless of where you’re starting, the only thing you need to worry about is the immediate path in front of you. 

Let’s say you are just beginning to learn about politics. Take things a step at a time. Focus on the topics and areas that interest you. If you feel scared about expressing your political views, don’t. You don’t have to rush. Give yourself enough time to prepare and only act when you’re ready. You are an important piece in politics, so you need to take care of yourself.

Now, let’s say you’ve had a chance to learn enough about politics that you’re ready to take things to the next level. Take it a step at a time. Get involved with things that give you energy and motivate you. As you feel ready, take on other things that are important, even if less desirable. Beware of burn out. Pace yourself and be realistic about what you can and can’t do. You are vital to the healing and improvement of our political world. We can’t afford to lose you.

Don’t Hide from Yourself

I understand if you’re not the kind of person to sing your own praises and let everyone know your talents. But don’t hide your talents and strengths from yourself. Notice the things you’re good at and don’t be shy. It’s important that you recognize your talents so that when it comes time to step forward and offer them, you don’t feel quite as shy. Likely you’ll never reach the level of some politicians and pundits who constantly wave their flags of personal acheivement, but hopefully you’ll get to the point where you own your worth and you’re not afraid to use it. 

Mistakes Welcome

Politics gives off the image that you have to be perfect. Just try saying something wrong and see how many people pounce on you and highlight your mistake. The truth is that mistakes are inevitable and as soon as you embrace your mistakes the sooner you can move past them. We all get it wrong at some point, but it’s those who embrace their imperfections that end up making a real difference. 

You Are Not Alone

We are so much alike. We doubt, we struggle, we never want to leave our comfort zone. All of us have that voice that tries to bring us down and keep us down. If you can move forward in spite of your doubt, you will be doing so much good for the many others who still doubt and struggle. The fact that you are stepping forward and are willing to do something will give others the courage to join you.