Braving Politics Together

Our Story

It can be hard to find your voice, let alone be brave enough to share it. In an increasingly divisive and politically polarized environment, we are a group of civically-minded individuals who are willing to put our names on the ballot so you have more choices. We choose to work with others to find common ground and help our state (and country) do better.

We found a moderate political party in United Utah. For a party to be successful, it needs candidates. That’s when we realized: maybe we’re the moderates candidates we’ve been looking for. Campaigning is tough, intimidating work. But we are not powerless. We can do this together.

And YOU can help.

Meet our Candidates

Catherine Eslinger
House District 59

Catherine Eslinger has her master’s degree from BYU, where she studied English and teaching ESL. From 2017 to 2020, she was a Utah chapter leader of Mormon Women for Ethical Government. She is involved in several community issues, including voter registration, education, and advocating for measures to improve Utah’s air quality.

Kate Walters
House District 56

As a school teacher, Kate Walters believes our education system prepares the future of our state and our economy. She believes government should serve the people, not the other way around. She is concerned as some members of legislature seem to disregard what the people of the state want them to do.

Christine Heath
House District 60

Christine Heath works in the insurance industry, and actively volunteers in the community. When she joined the United Utah Party, she became a Legislative District Chair, and later the Interim Utah County Chair for the party. Christine supports government reforms found in the Anti-Corruption Act.

Emily Bergeson
Senate District 7

Emily Bergeson has lived all over the world, but calls Utah home. This is where she spent the most time going to school and raising her family. She has a Business degree from BYU, has worked for multiple start-ups, is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, works as a professional interpreter, and actively blogs about politics and civil engagement.

Piper Manesse
House District 72

Piper Manesse spent two decades in the military learning the meaning of teamwork. She got to work and train alongside other soldiers from vastly different backgrounds than her own, all while working toward a common goal. She believes that we need common-sense legislation that doesn’t require multiple citizen referendum and initiative efforts to fix. 

News & Events

  • Brave Chat August 27th
    Join candidates of the United Utah Party and learn about important government reform that can help transform the way we do government. Topics include ranked choice voting, independent restricting, term limits, and campaign finance reform. What additional topics would you be interested in learning more about? Access the Brave Chat via Zoom at:
  • Brave Chat — Getting Ready for School
    We had a fantastic Brave Chat last week that included a panel of educators (including a home school mom). View the complete Brave Chat on our YouTube Channel!
  • A Change of Heart
    In March, when a lot of us started quarantining and social distancing, I was chatting with a friend about all of the changes, and I happened to mention face masks. Immediately she said, “I would never be caught dead wearing a mask.” I was kind of surprised she already had such firm feelings about it. AsContinue reading “A Change of Heart”

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  • Write letters to the editor about us.
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The best way to donate is by giving to individual candidates. Explore our candidates’ pages or donate at one of our events.

Use your Voice

Love what we’re doing? Tell your friends! Write letters to the editor. Start discussions. One small step outside our comfort zones can have a huge positive impact.