Politics is like a garden. If you just let other people plant stuff, let them worry about weeding it and watering it, you can’t complain about which fruit grows.

If you’re not happy with the fruit of the current political environment, you need to do something to change it. You have to care.

It’s as simple as that.

If we care, we find the desire to plant good seeds, find the energy to tend and water them, and work on the weeds that are choking the good plants. We have to care and put in the work before we can enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

I’m totally guilty of letting my political garden lay barren. I wasn’t growing anything at all, not even weeds. I look at our nation’s political garden and see plenty of weeds and plants that are casting shadows on plants that will die if we don’t do something to help them along.

We may have different political priorities, different beliefs, but I believe that we all ultimately want good things. We want to live in harmony with each other. We aren’t as divided as we are led to believe. Even those who seem determined to spread division and hate, I think it’s more likely that they are hurting and could use some careful tending themselves.

The more you learn about politics, the more you’ll see how much you are needed. The weight of all of the problems don’t rest on you alone, it rests on all of us. As we work together we will see our nation slowly heal and find fruit that will make every effort worth it.